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  • Introduction to Airtable + Zapier Connector

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    The following articles will walk you through the functionality provided by the Airtable Connector for Zapier provided by Openside. With this connector installed in your Zapier account, you will be enabled to take full advantage of powerful functionality otherwise not possible.  This requires an account with both Airtable and Zapier.  It will function on the free plans of both products (subject to their respective limitations).  If just interested in seeing examples of how the connector can be used, please visit Use Cases page on this documentation.  


    And many more features are planned to for the near future.


  • Getting Started

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    To first use the connector, you need to have an existing Airtable account and Zapier account.  Once you purchase this connector, you'll see a link to install the Openside Airtable Connector into your Zapier account in three different places. The first is right on the order confirmation page, the second in your "My Account" page under "My Subscription," and the third in an email sent to the address you provided at time of checkout. Click on any of those links to install, and be sure to be logged into Zapier with the account you plan to use. IMPORTANT: Make

  • Selecting Your Base, Table, and View

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    For every trigger, action, or search, you need to select a Base & Table and optional View.  This is done with 3 simple dropdowns, starting first with the Base.  This will list all Bases that the API used in authentication has access to.  


    Once a Base is selected, then all the Tables associated with that Base will be made available in the Table dropdown.


    Similarly, once a Table is selected, then all Views associated with the selected Table will be made available.  


    The View selection are optional.  If selected, it will filter the Fields available

  • Selecting Fields

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    Sometimes you may want all the fields returned in a Zap, other times you may only need a few returned. 


    If you want all results, simply leave this section as is and not select any fields from the drop downs.


    If you just want a few select fields, then you can select those here.  Simply add the fields you wanted returned in any results.


  • Sort Order

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    If you wish to order the results returned from either a trigger or a search, you can simply add as many sorts as you like.  Be sure to select either the Ascending (A-Z) or Descending (Z-A) version of the field you wish to sort by.

  • Select Last Run Timestamp Field

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    This is optional, but useful.  For each updated trigger, you can create an optional field that will get updated with a date and time stamp of when the record was updated.  This will be helpful to know when a record was last picked up by a trigger for being processed.  The field must be a Date field.

  • Records Selection

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    For triggers (both updates and deletes) and searches, the most important feature in this connector is how to select which records should be returned in the trigger or search.  There are several ways you can do this currently, depending on the use case.


    The easiest option is the checkbox format.  This requires creating 1 field that is of type ‘Checkbox’ in your Table.  Use this field as you are modifying your data to signify once a field is ready to be selected for the trigger or search.  


    Once that field is checked, the trigger/search will find it the

  • Updated Record Trigger

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    This option allows you to trigger an action every time a record is updated, or set it to update only once per record. This is extra functionality beyond the standard Zapier connector, and provides a larger array of functionality. 

    Select the Updated Record Trigger:

    Note: currently, this only applies to the "Updated Record" option, not on the "Bulk Updated Records" option (that functionality will be added soon).

    Set The Function:

    The default option is to trigger every time a record is updated, or "no."

    However, there are scenarios where you only want to get notified of a record change once.

  • Delete Record Trigger

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    The Delete Trigger can be easily mis-understood.  It doesn't automatically trigger when you delete something in Airtable. Unfortunately, that is not possible currently with Airtable. However, with a small change in flow, we can get our desired behavior.  

    By setting up rules in similar fashion to our Update Trigger, this action will pick up fields that you want to be deleted and then will pull in their information before deleting them in your Airtable account.  This allows you to do something with the data in further steps within your Zap.

    You can use the same rules for updates as describe here.

  • Max Number of Records

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    For the Bulk Multi-Record Search, you can specify a max number of results you want returned.  If blank,  then all that match criteria (View, Formula) will be returned.



    Note: If you just want to find the first match, you can use the 'Single Record Search' and utilize the Sort functionality to better filter which you want returned (i.e. Sort by a Date Field Descending to get the most recent item)

  • Filter Formula

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    For the Multi-Record Search, you can use an advanced Formula option to be able to retrieve any records needed.  View full details here.  

    Note: If you wish to use the Multi Record Search and Formula Filter on a regular basis but not every 5 or 15 minutes (like triggers) then you could utilize the Zapier Scheduler Trigger to schedule a zap to run hourly, daily, weekly that would then find the records you wish to process. However, this will not modify any data as part of the Search (unlike the Triggers which will (for Checkbox, Compare 2 Fields, and

  • Item IDs List

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    For bulk actions that either update or delete records, the Zap needs to know which records need to be updated/deleted.  This is done by selecting the data from a previous Trigger or Search that contains all of the Record IDs.



    Note: This can be confusing due to there being multiple items with IDs.  If the data is coming from Airtable, then the one you want will be the one that says ‘Table Record ID’ in the name.

  • Primary Record ID Field

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    For actions that perform updates, in order to track the primary record ID of the source data, we need to create a new Text or Long Text Field used for internally tracking.  This field is used for internal purposes only and you can hide it from view so as to not make any unwanted changes to it.



    Note: This field is what will be matched with the IDs of the incoming records, not the IDs of the records to be updated/deleted.  If your zap has a list of the IDs of this table’s records, then you can still

  • Map Fields for Updates/Inserts

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    On Insert or Update actions, you need to map the incoming data into the proper fields you want the data to be inserted or updated to:



    Note: Any fields you don’t select a value for will remain unchanged (for updates) or left blank (for inserts), UNLESS you enable the ‘Clear Unused Fields’ flag, which will then wipe out any values previously set in those fields.  This is an ADVANCED functionality.  Use carefully.



    Note: For Updates, if there is no match found, it will by default insert a new record with the data.  If you only want

  • Track Meta Data

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    This Utility allows you to track the meta information of Fields/Tables/Views on any given table. Simply input the base where the table you would like tracked is located from the “Source Base” list, then select the table you would like meta data tracked on from the “Select Source Table” List. Optionally, If you want to historically track changes made to meta data of any kind you can also enter a table into the “Historical Changes Table”.

    ** If Using the “Track Table Meta Data” utility, you only need to select the base containing the tables you want meta data tracked

  • Sync Tables 1-Way

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    This utility will allow you to sync data (entirely or selectively) from one table to another in a few easy steps!

    Select a Source Table

    The first step is to select the table from which the data is sourced. First select the base where the table is located from the “Source Base” dropdown menu. Then select the desired table from the “Source Table” dropdown.

    Select a Destination Table and Source Record ID field

    After selecting the Destination Table the same way you selected your source table, you must also enter the name of the field on the destination table in

  • Bulk Extraction (advanced)

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    The following functions require advanced (programmer level) understanding of Zapier.

    Here are two options that can be done with the connector:

    Return results as JSON:

    Used when you want an entire bulk output treated as one element (instead of as line items). This allows all the data to be worked on at once, instead of being parsed.

    Select "yes" on this option if this is the desired outcome. Default is blank, or "no."

    Replace Commas:

    Due to Zapier limitation that treats commas as different items, this option allows you to bypass that limitation by replacing commas with "!COMMA!". In reverse,

  • Use Cases

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    With this integration piece, you are now equipped to make Airtable a fully functional application.  Below are some use cases that are now a possibility.


    Cross Base Linking

    The number 1 most requested feature enhancement by Airtable customers is the ability to link to a Table in another Base. This is now a possibility.  


    With the use of the Zapier Airtable Connector by Openside, you can monitor any changes that take place within 1 Table, and perform a bulk insert/update into another Table.  This other table could reside in the same base, another base, or even another